MOM – Darth Dork Hit Me!

Okay, so the story goes like this; this dude drinks nearly a whole box of wine, dresses up like Darth Vader, then attacks the leader of a Jedi Church with a metal crutch. But the Jedi dudes just happened to catch the whole thing on the running video camera that they had set up to film themselves fighting with fake lightsabers. Then the judge found Vader guilty, but evidently not too guilty, and gave him a suspended sentence… Did I mention that it’s a true story?

Jedi Church Service

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There are just too many things to say… So much that I’m just speechless!

This isn’t the first time the Jedi Church has made it into the news though.
Nope; Here are a few more links so that you can read up on these… enthusiasts!

May the Force be with Pew

Jedi Church Announces Plans for Moon Colony

Maybe I’m not as big of a Star Wars geek as I thought…