What’s on the iPod?

Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde

In a very short scene in the 2000 movie High Fidelity, the camera pans across the record store & pauses briefly on Jack Black’s character comforting a concerned looking customer while handing him a Bob Dylan album saying, “Don’t tell anyone you don’t own ‘Blonde on Blonde’. It’s gonna be okay.

I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I am basically that customer; only recently even attempting to listen to Blonde on Blonde all the way through. I’ve never claimed to be much of a Dylan fan. I have respected him as a poet, a song writer & as a legendary musician for a long time. But I never had much desire to sit down & actually absorb any of his work. I finally did (quit pumping your fist in the air Willie). And… well, I like it.

It’s the perfect marriage of Dylan’s voice & passion to some really great songs. For me, it helps Dylan make sense in my feeble little brain finally. I’m glad I finally picked it up – or downloaded it actually – after all this time.

I’m not going to lie to you and say something as presumptuous as it’s my favorite album of all time now, or it changed my life somehow. But I will say that it’s been getting some rotation on my iPod’s hard drive the last few days.

2 thoughts on “What’s on the iPod?

  1. Each Dylan “era” has an album that best represents said era. Blonde on Blonde definitely represents the best of the “leaving politico-folk behind” era. Blood on the Tracks is probably his masterwork (all genius songwriters have to have a divorce albu m, right?), but my personal fave is Planet Waves. You can probably buy it for $8.99 in the bargain bin, but hidden gems are sometimes the most interesting.

  2. I’ve gotta agree with Neal there. I absolutely LOVE Blood on the Tracks (though the subject matter is painful). What I found surprising about Blonde on Blonde is that the hits (Rainy Day Women, Just Like a Woman, Stuck Inside of Mobile) sound better in the context of the album than they do on a “greatest hits.”

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