Preaching Abstinence… from your bum

I saw this story on a local news program last night – and consequently laughed my butt off (pun intended)…

From Think Progress;

Kmart promotes abstinence pants.»

Jessica Valenti points out that retail chain Kmart has begun selling abstinence-gear for juniors:

The description for the products reads, “Whether she is lounging around the house, going to practice, or doing her chores. These soft athletic style crop pants will keep her comfy.” One Feministing commenter adds, “Because nothing says ‘I plan not to have sex until marriage’ like plastering text across your ass.”

My opinion? While probably well intended; tight pants with graphics or words intended to attract viewers’ eyes to the wearer’s barely covered assets where they see a message of abstinence and sexual purity? I see it as a kinder, gentler version of Landover Baptist Church’s “What Would Jesus Do?” Thong Panties, (No Christian lady should be without this product. Offering pure protection from pesky penises!) just not quite as funny.

Or maybe it’s just me! :)

3 thoughts on “Preaching Abstinence… from your bum

  1. read about the TLW pants from the Stuff Christians Like site. (“your butt is not a billboard”).

    thanks for turning me on to the LB site, though. i never saw that before. i think i might frequent it though.

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