Friday Five – Guitar Songs

Songs about guitars? (Thanks Will! I’ve been wanting to do a Friday Five and had no clue what to do it on.)

Guitars, Cadillacs… – Dwight Yoakam, One of those songs that once suggested will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day

Play Guitar – John Cougar Mellencamp, a pretty good track from the first album he was allowed to use his real last name on.

Guitar Town – Steve Earle, The title track from Earle’s debut album – my only question is why Will didn’t list this one!?!?

Anyone Can Play Guitar – Radiohead, Had to throw a bit of a curve in here somewhere! I like this one – even if it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the list.

Yakety Axe – Chet Atkins, a guitar song that’s actually a “guitar song”! And one that you’ve probably heard a million times and may not have ever known the title.

BONUS: From Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special, the King performing(?) Jerry Reed’s Guitar Man

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Guitar Songs

  1. shoot. i got nothing besides what’s already mentioned.

    “johnny b. goode”. that’s about all i could think of besides the ones you and will already have.

    o, and i never made the connection that ‘yaket yak’ by the coasters would become a guitar song (‘yakety sax’) that would be the theme song (literally) for bad british humor.

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