Friday Five – Higher Ground

This week it’s my turn to pick a topic for Friday Five, so we’re going up the mountain today with 5 songs that take us up where the air is thin & the view is majestic!

Magnolia Mountain – Ryan Adams, A beautiful song from one of my favorite Adams albums.

Wolverton Mountain – Southern Culture on the Skids, I know it’s an old Claude King song – but the SCOTS version is what’s on my iPod – and that’s all that matters!

Blue Side of the Mountain – the Steeldrivers, somehow, out of the blue, I started getting into bluegrass music… don’t ask me how.

Lookout Mountain – Drive-By Truckers, Guitar heavy southern-style rock & roll – I love these guys!

The Rough Side of the Mountain – Rev. F.C. Barnes, this one’s for Dad. There was an extended period of time that no matter where we went in the car, we had to listen to this song… and sing along, like it or not!

Okay – there have to be some more out there, so c’mon guys – let’s get high! (not high like the Black Crows – high like the two peaks of Kilimanjaro!)

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