Family Photos

Earlier this month my brother requested that I post some portraits of my bugs to my blog. Being one who doesn’t like to disappoint, here they are. Please excuse the sub-par photography.


Elvis is a Chilean Rosehair tarantula (Grammostola rosea). He is by far the most docile and gentle spider I’ve had in a long time. You can’t tell very well from the picture, but Roshairs have exactly that, rose or pink colored hair. Thier bodies are mostly brown, but the long hairs that stick out, especially on thier cepholathorax and legs are pink. They can be best seen right after molting and in a good lighting, neither of which were ture at the time of these pictures. Rosies are probably the most commonly sold spiders in pet stores across America. They’re quite easy to come by and are usually very well tempered. They make an excellent starter spider for anyone who’s looking to get into the hobby. My first T. was a Rosehair named “Precious”. Elvis spends most of his time in my wife’s Kindergarten classroom, but during the summer he resides on my computer desk. Soon after “Priscilla” passed away, who was another Rosie but slightly bigger and much more brightly colored than Elvis, we acquired this lovely lady…


Hillary is an Arkansas Chocolate tarantula (Aphonopelma baergi). These are the only tarantulas native to Arkansas. And this one was caught live for us by my wife’s coworker’s son. He moved to Arkansas a few years ago and went “rock-flipping” just to see what he could find. In addition to Hillary and a few other Chocolates, he found a few small scary-looking scorpions. (I think I would’ve just let them stay under the rock personally.) Even though she’s fairly small & lacking in color – I think she’s a very pretty spider. She is fairly skiddish though, so not disturbing her to get this picture was a challenge. Speaking of shiddish…


Hermosa (which is spanish for ‘beautiful’) is a Costa Rican Tigerrump tarantula (Cyclosternum fasciatum). Hermie is by far the smallest and most reclusive spider I have ever had – so getting her picture was even more challenging than Hillary! I eventually had to feed her & then snap these shots down through the entrance to her hiding place. If you look closely you can see the cricket in her clutches sticking out from under her body.

I guess it’s pretty obvious how the “Tigerrump” gets her name; It’s cepholathorax is solid bright orangish-red and it’s abdomen has those pretty tiger stripes as you can see in the picture above.

Well that’s it. Those are my current arachnids.
Hope I didn’t creep everyone out too much.

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