A Plea for Help

Okay – I’m in a musical rut. I need some new music & I need it quickly. (It’s my music & I need it now!) So here’s the question that I want you to answer for me;

If there was ONE ALBUM that you are currently listening to, that you would suggest to fellow music lovers, what would it be? It doesn’t have to be from any specific genre or anything – I like music of all kinds. Just something that you can’t stop listening to & you think other people would enjoy too.

Saturday, my daughter suggested Jakob Dylan’s new album Seeing Things. (I can answer for her since she’s at church camp for the next week with little or no access to the internet.) And I will definitely give it a shot – especially since I was planning on picking it up anyway!

For me, I guess I would have to suggest the SteelDrivers’ self-titled debut album. I suppose it would be referred to as “Progressive Bluegrass”, but with a harder edge than say, Old Crow Medicine Show, South Austin Jug Band, or the Infamous Stringdusters. It’s really good.

So help me out – please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “A Plea for Help

  1. Recent purchase:

    The Police – Zenyatta Mendatta… this one is full of very catchy tunes but the real reason I like it is the catchy tunes are hidden between really dense, jazzy stuff. I often forget that the non-Sting members of the band are world-class musicians. So you get jazz interspersed w/ ska & pop. Sounds like a party to me!

    I have also been listening to Magnolia Elec. Co. – Trials & Errors. It sounds like a great songwriter who is infatuated w/ Neil Young put down the acoustic guitar and went out on the road w/ a band and recorded the shambolic results. And by “sounds like” I mean that is exactly what it is.

    Last but not least, I just put Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” on the iPod. Who new full-tilt gospel could come from a Detroit overacheiver named Ciccone?

  2. Okay – Mike Henderson is a member of the Steeldrivers; you could easily check out his solo releases (heavily blues-driven Americana country) and his work with Kevin Welch. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard any Knitters, but they are essentially X playing bluegrass, which is weird but they kind of pull it off. Not a band playing X songs in bluegrass style, but actual former members of X, like John Doe, Exene, DJ Bonebrake, and Dave Alvin.

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