What’s on the iPod?

Shamelessly stolen from their own website:

>>> Born of social ineptitude and an ageless belief in trick-or-treatery, EL MADMO offers escape, justice, karmic postulation, and that feeling you get when you know something that no one else does. Starting out as a garage band trapped in the basements of various hockey arenas, theirs is a powerfully raw sound that could only be inspired by the smell of Zamboni fuel and sweaty skates.

The band consists of guitarist/singer, Maddie, bassist/singer, El, and majestically afroed drummer, Mo. Their self-titled debut album, produced by MISTAREE, is a solid piece of body rocking ear-munition revealing a musical labyrinth that challenges you to, “Choose your own adventure.” From the Aeolian darkness of “Vampire Guy”, to the sassy cha-cha of “Fantasy Guy”, to a song that simply asks, “What good is a smile when your head’s in a vise?”, EL MADMO serves up a hot and tasty meal that’ll fill you up and also “Rock Yer Balls Off.” <<<

Also known as “Norah Jones’ secret punk band,” El Madmo‘s self-titled debut album is just plain fun! I realize my opinion may be a bit skewed since I am a rabid Norah fan, as much for her music as for… well.. her. But it’s still a fun fun listen! It doesn’t hurt that the musicians, no matter how silly, are super-talented either! Check them out!