Ten Years Ago Today

Today is my tenth wedding anniversary. I don’t want to get all mushy on you or anything, but I couldn’t be happier.

Our relationship was one that kind of surprised everyone, especially us. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a relationship with her. She was great; funny, pretty, smart. It was more that I didn’t want a relationship at all. I was divorced after what can only be referred to as a terrible marriage (my ex-wife would agree). And I had dated a little since then. But I had honestly given up in order to focus more on myself and my daughter. I just wanted to be a good dad more than anything.

The other reason our relationship almost never happened is that my mother, God love her, tried her best to fix us up. See, they worked together. My wife taught Kindergarten and Mom taught Pre-K right next door. She was constantly trying to sell one of us to the other by relentlessly elaborating on each of our strong points to the other. I heard, “she has a nice car” and “she’s a home-owner” so God only knows what she heard. It was tiring. And the harder she pushed, the more we resisted.

But my kid was the one that finally did us in. She started going home with her after school so I had to pick her up when I got home from work. My visits gradually became longer and longer until I eventually moved in. I have been told many times that she fell in love with my daughter long before she ever fell in love with me. I’m sure glad she did.

Now it’s ten years later. And I can say without a doubt in my mind or a blink of my eye that I would do it all over again and not change a thing! Regardless of how cliché that may sound, it’s very very true!

Happy anniversary Mrs. Doodles!