Friday Five – Take Two & Call Me In The Morning

For reasons I shant elaborate on, I have decided to get medical for this week’s Five!

Dr. Worm – They Might Be Giants; this song cracks me up! Okay, he’s not a real doctor, but he IS a real worm!

Take Me Down To the Infirmary – Cracker; They came out of nowhere, made a couple of good albums, then kind of faded away. This is a great song from one of the good albums.

Medicine Hat – Son Volt; The triptych of Son Volt/Wilco/Uncle Tupelo often appear on my lists – and for good reason! I love this tune from the album Wide Swing Tremolo.

Doctor Doctor – Thompson Twins; I guess I had to include a token new-wave song from the big 80’s, didn’t I?

Medical Love Song – Monty Python; Seriously, would this list be complete without it? I didn’t think so either!

BONUS: My favorite band of all time had to make an appearance this week! Miracle Drug – U2

One thought on “Friday Five – Take Two & Call Me In The Morning

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