the Kitchen Chronicles


The saga continues…

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a hole where our kitchen used to be. All of the cabinets and some of the plaster behind them were missing. In their place was an assortment of tools and ladders.

If you look at the picture of the scene of the crime, you will notice two water lines sticking up from the floor below where the sink was. Somewhere around 8:45pm Central Standard Time last night, the one on the right burst. That’s right. The plug that was holding it closed gave way, shot across the room, and allowed gallons upon gallons of water to spew forth – actually straight up to the ceiling – creating a rain forest effect which I had to run through to the basement steps in order to turn the water main off.

Obviously the next few hours were spent attempting to soak up as much water as possible with a large assortment of bath towels. It was a lovely evening.

According to my wife, I need to try to “look on the bright side” and count my blessings in the face of near disaster.

I’m trying.

  1. Earlier that evening, we turned down free tickets for a Southern Illinois Miners baseball game. Had this happened while attending a three-hour ballgame, the damage could’ve been much much worse.
  2. It happened in a very small window of time when we happened to be inside. We had been outside mowing the lawn for approximately two hours prior. And within fifteen minutes we were planning on running to town to get a bite to eat. Any small amount of time before or after that window, and again, the damege could’ve been devestating.
  3. We were able to turn it off and clean it up quickly enough to avoid any real damage to the house.
  4. As it stands, the only real hardships we had to endure were the clean-up time and not having any water this morning for showers, etc. Don’t worry though, we were able to brush our teeth and clean up using jugs of water that we keep in the basement for emergencies.

So I guess, as frightening and aggravating as last night was, we really do have reasons to be thankful.

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