Friday Five – The Best Medicine

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Here are five songs that can consistently bring a smile to my face;

Cold Beverage – G. Love and Special Sauce, All I’m going to say is, “Stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge… stick it in the fridge.”

Penguins – Lyle Lovett, The gentlemanly Texan can make me belly-laugh one minute and get all misty eyed the next. And set the whole thing to some of the most gorgeous music ever. In this case, we’re just glad that penguins are so sensitive to his needs!

Cowboy Love – Reverend Horton Heat, Hey, “its interracial cowboy homo kind of love”! This has nothing at all to do with Brokeback Mountain OR Cowboy Troy! At least I don’t think it does.

In Spite of Ourselves, John Prine and Iris DeMent, I first heard this song during the closing credits of the movie Daddy and Them. Thank goodness it was on DVD so that we could back it up and hear it again… and again… and again.

And finally, If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies. Included almost exclusively because of two very unfortunate haircuts combined with some terrible camera work. It’s Canadian Geek-Rock at its finest!

5 thoughts on “Friday Five – The Best Medicine

  1. So how much of this music did you buy.

    WOW! I think you have branched out way beyond me.

    Do you read and publications that would help me?

  2. I generally only include songs on my lists that are actually on my iPod. Keeps me honest… and a little vulnerable. :)

    I just love music so I’m constantly exploring stuff I’ve never listened to, asking for suggestions from friends & family, and stuff like that.

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