Friday Five – Drinkin’ Songs

I don’t have much time today, so I just threw a quick list together during my lunch break. Don’t ask how I arrived at today’s topic, especially while at work…

I Gotta Get Drunk – Willie Nelson & George Jones, a classic!

Have A Drink On Me – AC/DC, there’s just not enough hard-rock on my lists usually – so there you go!

Drank Like A River – Whiskeytown (warning: Ryan drops a couple of F-bombs at the beginning, just so you know.) Bonus points for the band name & the song title to both fit the category, right?

Drunken Angel – Lucinda Williams, not technically a “drinking song” but it came up in my iTunes when I searched for the word “drunk” – and I like it, so it made the list.

Why Don’t We Get Drunk & Screw – Jimmy Buffet, might as well admit that I also have a little parrot-head music on there too. I hope this doesn’t effect our relationship.

BONUS: Here’s one you may have never heard. The Refreshments were a one-hit wonder with their song Banditos; you remember it I’m sure. But this one is one my favorites from that album about a whiskey from Thailand called “Mekhong“.

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