Monday Miscellany

The Kitchen Chronicles – Phase 4: It’s our turn now!

If Phase 1 was planning, Phase 2 was preparation, and Phase 3 was all things Contractor related, then Phase 4 is well under way! YAY!

The contractor wrapped his part up Saturday morning and so began the daunting process of painting & wallpapering yesterday. Of course everything has to be taped and covered and primed, etc etc. So this is no small task either – but at least it’s our task to complete. Not to mention that we will still have to put all of the stuff that’s stacked precariously in the dining room back into the cabinets, pantry and on the counter top. Still, we’re shooting to be done by Friday. So by Monday we may finally have some “After” pictures, which I know you’re all just dying to see! (Yeah right. Mostly just so I will shut up about it!) The hardest part now is that while we need to be working on it, life goes on. We still have to go to work every day. We still have to mow, and eat, and walk the dog, and exercise, and shop… But at least there is a light at the end of this tunnel kitchen!


The Olympics Is Finally Over!

Then Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis performed Whole Lotta Love… Uh… What?


What’s that pressure…

inside my head that makes me feel like my eyes are going to pop out onto my cheeks at any moment?

Oh – that explains it!


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