Orb Weaver: I believe you can get me through the night

Last night, sometime after midnight, I went to carry some boxes out the back door and around the back of the house. But when I made the turn towards the garage I nearly walked into this:

You can’t really tell it from the poor picture quality, but the web was taller than I am and wider than my outstretched arms. It was perfect and beautiful. And the critter that built it has to be one of the largest spiders of its kind that I have ever seen in this area. It’s nearly two inches across. Even a spider nut like me couldn’t help but be impressed! She’s an absolutely gorgeous specimen of a Neoscona crucifera, also known as an “Arboreal Orb Weaver”. I wish I could’ve gotten a better picture.

I think I will call her “Bonita”!

5 thoughts on “Orb Weaver: I believe you can get me through the night

  1. Well, I could say something about being seductive yet venomous… but actually I base it on her size. Female spiders are generally bigger and live longer than their male counterparts. And Bonita is HUGE!

    She completely packed up her stuff and moved away during the day yesterday but was back in full-force in the exact same location last night! Isn’t that cool?

  2. I am also enjoying the presence of my Aboreal Orbweaver. I have deemed her my pet and am enjoying photographing her or him? She has been on my front porch for about a week. I will be so sad when she leaves. I have given her the embassary job with my father who is a spider hater. I love the cross on her back. I have never encountered this type of spider. I am a resident of Central Illinois.

  3. I also have an orb weaver (not sure about the species) and today I discovered another one when I walked around my back yard, when I starled an unlucky grasshopper who inadverently disturbed the web of the hungry spider. I think the one I discovered today was a female because it is about a half inch bigger than the one in my dad’s shed. The one in the shed is the more helpful of the two because the web is in front of a wasp nest. That is why I am not relocating him. I am a resident of Eagle County, Colorado. Anyone who knows about spiders please tell me what species it could be. Thanks in advance. Please reply.

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