I Kissed A Girl

You know how some mornings one news story catches your attention more than others for some intangible reason? Well for me it was Katy Perry’s appearance on the Today Show’s Toyota Summer Concert Series causing controversy among parents.

The lyrics read, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick.” Hardy says it isn’t exactly her idea of appropriate morning news programming.

“It’s more for like your VH1 and your BET stations, later on at night, when the kids are in bed. Not during the daytime,” said Hardy.

Yeah, because your daytime programs like soap operas and talk shows are so wholesome and life-enriching, right?

Isn’t it obvious that the popularity of this supposedly suggestive song is based entirely, by design, on its own suggestiveness? It’s what I call the Madonna Effect; purposely stirring up controversy in order to get more attention. The lyrics and the video were both intended to do just exactly what they’re doing; getting air-play. It even gets airplay and exposure during the local morning news when they do reports like this one.  It’s certainly not a direct result of the quality of the music or any talent on the performer’s or song-writer’s part. The song itself, as a song regardless of “it’s message”, sucks. Seriously, it’s terrible. So to me, the more disturbing part is this;

“We feature a variety of artists on Today’s concert series, from contemporary acts like Rihanna to the nostalgic like Neil Diamond. Katy Perry has had the No. 1 song in the country for seven consecutive weeks, and we are happy to include her as part of our line-up,” said Megan Kopf for NBC Universal.

That’s right, the number one song in the country for seven consecutive weeks! (Nice line-up by the way NBC; Rihanna, Neil Diamond, and Katy Perry? Thanks, I’ll pass.) It is apparent that we are a country that loves crap. Mindless, tasteless drones following whatever trend we are bombarded with no matter how ridiculous. This just makes me sad.

Now excuse me while I crank up some Kid Rock!

3 thoughts on “I Kissed A Girl

  1. i like that they called neil diamond “nostalgic”.

    pop music is inane. i keep hearing from music fans how good rihanna’s umbrella is, but i’m just not catching it.

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