Monday Miscellany

Kitchen Chronicles; the grand finale delayed!

The wife and I worked our butts off last week so that we could get the kitchen finalized by the time our last-minute house guests were to arrive Friday night. Unfortunately, when the delivery guys unpacked the new refrigerator, we discovered it had a massive dent in the side. They very efficiently loaded it back onto the truck and took it back to Sears. I guess the good news is that the fridge really is the last piece of this puzzle. Everything else is done and the house is back in a normal amount of order. And the new new fridge is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. So I suppose we will wait a day and try this thing again!

Some of us aren’t holding our breath.


Sarah Palin: Much Ado about Not Much

So John McCain decides to compete against a candidate with little experience by choosing a running mate with absolutely no experience? Brilliant move.

Anyway, the buzz circulating today has to do with Sarah Palin’s seventeen year old single & pregnant daughter. You know, family values and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons not to like McCain’s VP choice, but this isn’t one of them. I was seventeen when my daughter was born too. It is certainly not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination, but it happens to the best of us. Accidents know no boundaries, no party lines, no religion, no ethnicity. They are just a part of life whether we like it or not. And sometimes they work out for the best! I wouldn’t trade the results of that “oops” for anything in the world! I love my kid!

So dislike Palin because of her severe lack of experience, her beyond ultra-conservative extreme right-wing stance on the issues, the fact that her being picked just looks like a big political posturing game, that she’s currently under investigation for ethical violations, or because in her own words she doesn’t know what a vice president even does. But don’t base it on her young daughter being pregnant. That is unfair and silly. Besides, there is plenty of ammunition without it.

On a side note, if they don’t play this song when she speaks at the RNC Wednesday, I will be sorely disappointed!



Google: On the Path to Evil


With today’s launch of Google Chrome, Google finally enters the web browser race. I like the fact that they are throwing their hat in the ring, and that they are starting from scratch rather than building on other technologies. But I am reserving judgment until I use it for a while. That being said, I, like many other geeks and bloggers around the country, am already aggravated about the download page fiasco.


(( It never occurred to me when I wrote this post yesterday that it wasn’t actually Monday! Oh well! ))

One thought on “Monday Miscellany

  1. Your kitchen will be so nice when its all done :)

    I think all the news of Sarah Palin’s daughter is the biggest “non news” since Britney Spears. But its good for the ticket, it keeps people from talking about her record, ethics, and politics, and how McCain decided to chose her as a running mate!

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