Are You Experienced?

Sorry, but just in case you missed Campbell Brown’s interview with McCain Spokesman Tucker Bounds on the choice of VP Candidate, Alaskan Governor & LensCrafters Model Sarah Palin on Monday, you should really watch it…

McCain supporters are crying media bias, but the fact remains that the questions were never answered; because, I suspect, there simply are no good answers. Even the Republicans haven’t figured out why they chose Palin. They just keep repeating the words, “reformer” – “maverick” – “reformer” – “maverick” – “reformer” – “maverick”… without having any idea why. 

I am not an overly-political kind of guy. And I try to avoid blogging about politics as a matter of principal. I am not a blue-blood democrat. I have voted both ways (insert joke here). I think of myself as an independant with libertarian leanings. But this rhetoric is getting old fast. And occasionally it’s just nice to see someone like Bounds get nailed to the wall.

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