Friday Five – Singin’ In The Rain

With our region finally getting some much needed precipitation thanks in part to former hurricane Gustav and three more storms making their way through the Atlantic, I felt like “Rain” was an appropriate subject for this fifth day of September. So grab your umbrellas, here we go:

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Willie Nelson , does Willie really need an intro? I didn’t think so!

I Wish It Would RainNanci Griffith, beautiful song by a fantastic songstress. ‘Nuff said!

Milli Vanilli – Blame It On The Rain, not technically on the iPod but I just had to include it for obvious reasons which we won’t elaborate on! (hehehe)

Rain – The Beatles, (for Brother Will) Widely considered The Beatles’ finest B-Side, and according to George Harrison, the precursor to Mtv!

Black Rain – Ben Harper, nope – not “Chocolate Rain.” Even better, as long as you enjoy angry, politically charged rock and roll! (sorry if the video below doesn’t work right for you. but I couldn’t find anywhere near as good a version of it on YouTube…)


7 thoughts on “Friday Five – Singin’ In The Rain

  1. How about…

    Carolina Rain – Ryan Adams
    Come Rain Come Shine – Frank Sinatra
    I love the Rain – Michael Dean Damron
    Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew
    How Come it Never Rains – Dogs D’amour
    and last but not least…
    I Hope it Rains At My Funeral by Tom T Hall

    Cool subject… Have a great weekend.

  2. My meager contributions:

    Why Does It Always Rain On Me? – Travis

    Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage

    I swear I listen to other bands that have more than one-word name!

  3. Disturbing post. The Beatles and Willie Nelson together… fine. But adding in Milli Vanili? ACK!

    Raindrops keep falling on my head (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, right?)

    Purple Rain

    Ok, that’s all I got.

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