Pointing Elsewhere

I’ve been drawing a big blank when attempting to write blog posts this week. So I thought I would take this opportunity to point you around to some of the stories and other blogs that I have found interesting instead.

1.) Humorist and former Daily Show contributor Mo Rocca offered a very funny and unique analysis of the Sarah Palin/Charlie Gibson interview on his always entertaining blog. Fair warning; it is for adults only!

2.) According to a survey of 1000 parents in the UK, economic hardships don’t just affect businesses or adults, they also trickle down to the most innocent of victims; toothless kids! Read how even the poor tooth fairy is having to cut back!

3.) Having trouble with lunch thieves at the office? A friend of mine always carried his lunch to work in a tackle box secured with a padlock. But if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can always try the Anti Theft Lunch Bag. It’s a sandwich bag that discourages theft, as well as appetite!

2 thoughts on “Pointing Elsewhere

  1. inflation hits everywhere, eh?

    and while i found the whole Mo Rocca piece a bit um… tasteless, i thought this quote from a commenter was dead on:

    Newsflash, people, the G.O.P. is “pimping” Palin.

    as for the lunchbags, yeah, i’m sure they won’t last through lunchtime in the fridges of nearly every place i’ve worked.
    which is why i always kept mine in my pockets.

  2. Lunch thieves. That used to happen in my fraternity house back in the day. I fixed it by putting Citrate of Magnesia in the Lemmonaid. No more food thievery after that!

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