What’s on the iPod?

Charlie Haden Family & Friends – Rambling Boy

Charlie Haden takes a step back in his own history on his newest release, and brings his family and friends along for the ride. Haden is a much celebrated Jazz double-bassist who got his start by singing and yodeling at the tender age of 2 on his parent’s radio program, The Haden Family Show. Rambling Boy is a throwback to those days with beautiful country classics, standards & even some originals that feel like they belong. In addition to his family, wife Ruth Cameron, son Josh & triplet daughters Rachel, Petra & Tanya, he also features an assortment of friends including Vince Gill, Bruce Hornsby, Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Ricky Skaggs, Pat Matheny, and even his son-in-law Jack Black.

I really like this album with its eclectic mix of styles and influences while remaining rooted deeply in the traditions of country music. It almost makes you want to gather up the family to sit around the radio & listen to the whole show. It’s just that good!

AND you can stream the whole thing HERE before you buy it, if you so desire.

I did!

(Hat-tip to my friend Cassie for telling me about this album release!)

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