Friday Five – Mind On My Money

The country’s current economic crisis crosses all boundaries of class, race, geography; from the poor getting poorer to CEO’s having to settle for muti-million dollar severance packages. So this week’s five is going all over the place, genre’ly speaking. (Hey look – I made up a word!)

Money Honey – Eddie Cochran, I have Little Richard’s version on the iPod, it was originally a hit for the Drifters, but Eddie Cochran certainly does a bang-up job on it too!

Cash on the Barrelhead – The Louvin Bothers, covered several times by the likes of Gram Parsons and Dolly Parton, but the Louvin Brothers were the original! Good stuff!

Thousand Dollar Wedding – Gram Parsons, It’s Gram. And in the end, isn’t that enough?

Small Change – Tom Waits, Maybe not one of his finest songs, but it’s still undeniably Tom Waits, and the title track of a very good album.

For the Love of Money – Bulletboys, a little 80’s big hair rock for ya!

BONUS: It’s hard not to go down the path of the rap/hip-hop when thinking about money songs. I could’ve busted out a little Snoop Dog (mind on my money & my money on my mind), 50 Cent (I Get Money, Money to Burn, Money Could Kick Your Ass), Nelly (Must Be the Money)… But I decided to go with Notorious B.I.G. – because no matter how much you don’t like Hip-Hop, this song can get stuck in your head for days!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Mind On My Money

  1. another great list.

    the epoch of bling-bling rap. puff daddy is one of the worst rappers ever to make it big, and biggie’ part here was way too small. but, it’s flippin’ infectious, ain’t it?

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