Monday Miscellany

Klaatu Barada Nikto

I was distraught to learn this weekend than one of my favorite movies of all time, the Day the Earth Stood Still, is being remade. And to add insult to injury, it stars Keanu Reeves of all people.

I love the 1951 version because it’s really a preachy, hippy movie wrapped in a Sci-Fi skin. The aliens come to earth to warn us that if we don’t change our war-mongering, bomb building ways that we will be destroyed in order to protect the rest of our planetary neighbors. It’s a movie that heavily promoted peace and harmony during a time of extreme fear and uncertainty (the Cold War).

On second thought, maybe it’s more relevant now than I realized. But still, Keanu? Seriously?

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But Who Will Snope Snopes?

There is a politically charged email making the rounds about the Urban Legends Reference Pages,, claiming that it is owned by a “flaming liberal” who is “in the tank for Obama”. And that the site is “a secret tool of the Democratic Party to promote Barack Obama.” The problem is that the forwarders of this email have failed to do a little fact checking for themselves. Even the website that the email urges readers to use instead of Snopes, Truth or Fiction, condemns the claim as pure fiction.

Bottom line, sometimes the truth hurts. Get used to it.


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Happy Birthday Satan

I get sick and tired of the annual debate about how Halloween is evil and that, as a Christian, I shouldn’t celebrate it for fear of inadvertently praising and celebrating the Devil.

In a word, “Hogwash”.  (That’s a great word, don’t you think?)

Whatever ancient traditions the modern Halloween was born from, it doesn’t matter. Our culture has evolved and embraced it as a fun night for make-believe, sweet treats and silliness. Guess what? Many other holiday traditions have pagan roots too. Christmas, Easter, you name it! And again, who cares?

I believe that the parent who is filling their kids’ heads with fear and forcing them to sit out of parties and festivities is doing much more damage to their tender little brains, psyches and emotions than the one that embraces and has fun with it.

So, fair warning, my brain is pretty much focused on the upcoming holiday this week, so my posts may have a tendency to reflect that. Did I mention that I loved Halloween?