Happy Mustachioed Halloween – The Big Reveal

I thought since today is October 31, you might want a quick update on our Halloween Mustache project that I blogged about last week.

Last night on Letterman, Paul Rudd revealed that he too dons the ol’ crumb catcher annually for the holiday, citing Freddie Mercury, Gallagher, Schneider (from One Day at a Time) & John Stossel as past costumes.

Neal the Coworker however, showed up to work this morning like this…

That’s right, Ted Kaczynsk, AKA the Unibomber from before we knew his name.

So have a Happy Halloween, but you might want to be careful opening your mail today!

4 thoughts on “Happy Mustachioed Halloween – The Big Reveal

  1. Every year one of the science teachers at the high school dresses like the unibomber for halloween….the scary thing is he looks like the unibomber everyday!

  2. Regarding the ‘stache: It’s real, and it’s spectacular!

    I fully expect to see a police cruiser following me tonight as I take the boy trick-or-treating.

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