cassouletforeverOn Tuesday, during election coverage in Times Square, a large sign was frequently shown being held high above the crowd with the words “CASSOULET FOREVER“. I have absolutely no idea what that’s supposed to mean, but I find it tremendously intriguing.

Cassoulet (noun), a white-bean stew of French origin, often containing pork, mutton, garlic sausage, and preserved goose or duck.

What do you think is the best explanation?

1) Cassoulet is a French Stew, which could be a modern, updated way of saying “Melting Pot”. You know how kids today are always coming up with new slang terms, maybe they’re resorting to French words now for some reason.

2) Since Cassoulet often involves the slow-cooking of Duck meat, perhaps it was a reference to the “Lame Duck” President having to stew in his own juices for a few months. Maybe by then he will be tender and juicy as opposed to what he is now, ______ (fill in the blank).

3) Another common ingredient in a traditional Cassoulet is Pork, which could be some kind of reference to “Pork Barrel”. It doesn’t really make much sense, but I love the term Pork Barrel. It’s just fun to say. In fact, you should really try to include it in casual conversation today at some point, especially when it’s not appropriate.

4) It could be an attempt by a group of French-Americans to get back at us for the whole “Freedom Fries” fiasco.  You know how the French can be.

5) Or perhaps it was a reference to a statement made by socialite Nina Griscom, who when asked how she planned to spend election night said, “I am going to make a Cassoulet and a salad and pray that Obama wins.” – That’s “socialite” by the way, not “socialist”, there is a difference.

If none of these work for you and you have your own explanation, please feel free to share in the comments section below! I would love to hear what you guys think.

34 thoughts on “CASSOULET FOREVER

  1. It was actually a joke from the french TV show Le Grand Journal on the channel Canal +, the day before they put a sign saying “Coucou maman” which mean “Hi mum”. It was pretty funny ^^

  2. Hello, I’m french and it was just a joke launched by a tv show, they were holding signs “coucou maman” (Hi mum) and “Cassoulet forever”. This is stupid but i must confess it made me laugh when I saw that in the middle of the crowd celebrating Obama’s victory.

  3. hey there i’m french
    cassoulet is just somethin we eat down here lol
    it was just a joke made by a french television
    and this was great!!! ^^

  4. Hi i’m french and it’s just to say that “Cassoulet forever” just be a joke from “le petit journal” , a little tv program on Canal + in France.
    It’es stupid boy^^.
    /love french
    Cassoulet forever !

  5. That was just a joke from a French TV Show, someone in the team wanted to tell his mum how much he loved her CASSOULET … :) Good Idea, though ! Now this word, and this show, will be famous in the States :D


  6. Hi I am French and this “Cassoulet for ever” is just a joke of a french journalist in “le petit journal people”!

    It is just a stupid sentence like “burger for ever” or ” apple for ever” !

  7. As Kezac said it, this is only french “humour”, with the point to make people confused. I’m French and I felt a bit uncomfortable about it (it was inappropriate), but the fact is, the guy had maid a bet, and if you make some searches, you’ll see he appeared with other signs on different televisual events. (one was shown on CNN as a woman was interviewed, as far as I can remember, with the words : “Maman je t’aime kikou lol”)

  8. you guys rock, it cracks me up to read your ideas about cassoulet on the tv, I’m french too and I check out “the little journal” everynight, i gotta admit the idea was brilliant !

    anyway, you’re gonna be famous back here now, thanks to them !

  9. I’m French and you don’t have to search an explanation for the word”cassoulet” It was just a joke made by a french journalist! It was just so funny!^^
    Yann Barthès c’est le meilleur!!!!!!^^ Vive le petit journal people!!!XD

  10. About the freedom fries : it’s not our fault if your president was so stupid to send many people in Irak and to spend a lot of money in this useless war. This is only my opinion.

    I support what our president Chirac decided.

  11. AHHH salut les americains j’ai trop rigolé quand j’ai entendu a la tv se qu’il cété passé on est vraiment trop fort en france hihi j’adore
    vive le cassoulet

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