Wednesday Fun

I am currently sitting at my desk getting more & more irritated. There are two things that I really need to be doing, neither of which can be done from my desk. But unfortunately there is a training class taking place in location number one, and my server room (location número dos) has been taken over by an extremely loud phone tech whose cell phone keeps ringing a very annoying ring tone. So my day is being spent plugged-in to the iPod and doing busy-work, like cleaning up my in-box & organizing files. But for some reason, I still feel like this guy;

Seriously, I’m normal!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Fun

  1. No I’m not normal?
    Or no I’m not sticky?

    Same answer either way I guess.

    Cassie: sometimes the best jokes are “inside” jokes. (and yes, I love “unnecessary” quotation marks.)

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