Monday Miscellany

Doodlebug Mom posted a little time-waster meme on her blog today, so I thought I would join in since I’m too busy to write anything that requires much thought.


Stuff ya Didn’t Know about Me or Wish you Never Knew!

1. Number of pets you have adopted or rescued over your lifetime: Too many to count. My childhood home was a prime pet dumping location for some reason.

2. Most embarrassing childhood memory: In Junior High, I had to wear a headband for a few months because of a surgical procedure on my forehead which was a direct result of a car wreck I was in. Except that my classmates didn’t know that; they just thought I was a big Loverboy fan or something.

3. Name a quirk: I am so obsessed with the embarrassment of having food on my face while eating in public; I can destroy a huge stack of napkins during a meal.

4. Favorite lunch: Whether it’s a sandwich or a bowl of chili, I just want it to be alone, engrossed in an online episode of the Daily Show or an interesting Podcast.

5. How you like your coffee: as agent Cooper said on Twin Peaks, “black as midnight on a moonless night.”

6. Name an interesting family “secret”: We are direct descendants of Sioux holy man, Sitting Bull.

7. Give us another one: That last “secret” was a total lie.

8. Current wish: For me & my whole family to be healthy & happy.

9. What I wanted to be when I grew up: My dad likes to tell the story that I once answered, “either a doctor or a shoe-shine boy”.

10. Most painful medical procedure: I would have to say that some of the dental procedures I have had done were far more painful than any medical procedure so far.

11. An insult that has been given to me: A piece of advice, never address a fat guy as “Big’un” or “Tiny”. They don’t think it’s funny or cute. Trust me.

12. Favorite color of clothing: Black.

13. How many trees in your yard? 9 or 10, there used to be more, but we’ve had several die in the last 5 years.

14. If I had 10 million dollars, I would: Open my own business that I loved doing whether it was profitable or not.

15. Meanest or craziest thing you’ve ever said: After being examined very thoroughly in a private place by an attractive female P.A. in an emergency room while passing a kidney stone (& whacked out on morphine), I turned to my wife and said, “I think I just got past 2nd base with her.”

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