‘Tis the Season

Santa Needs A Xanax

Santa Needs A Xanax

The time between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the new year, at least for me and my family, can be most succinctly summed up in one word; Chaotic. Our time is consumed with shopping, wrapping, decorating and un-decorating, parties, programs, baking, and preparations of all kinds. We are taking this week to decorate the house, put up trees and “deck-the-halls”. But we are taking it slowly, attacking a few rooms each night. It doesn’t help that I drive to work in the dark and by the time I leave to come home it’s already getting dark again. And we also have to find time to prepare for Sunday, since the wife is giving the children’s sermon and I am singing a special.

(Side Rant: Why do I volunteer to sing? I hate singing. I guess I’m decent – not “good” by any stretch, let’s call it passable. But nothing makes me more nervous. I am a local Lay Speaker and can speak at our church whenever asked. And as uneasy and apprehensive as the prospect of speaking makes me, singing nearly pushes me over the edge. I will be physically ill on Sunday morning, guaranteed.)

Anyway, it seems that every day, every evening, every weekend, we have plans – something to do, or to get done, or to prepare for without much time to rest for the next four weeks or so. Our calendars runneth over. And yet, this is one of my favorite seasons, and one of the most magical times of the year. I absolutely love Christmas and the holidays. Not only for what it symbolizes, but for those moments of selfless giving, for time with family and friends, for beautiful and sometimes tacky over-the-top decorations, for holiday movies both classic and cheesy made-for-TV fare, for the looks on kids’ faces and the wonder in their eyes, for those brief moments of peace and contemplative reflection, for holiday music of all kinds, for hot cocoa, eggnog, and warm gingerbread.

So as stressful as it is – In my opinion, it’s worth it.