Trade Winds Are Blowin’

I have often laughed at the expense of Padres Shortstop Khalil Greene for looking like everyone’s favorite stoner from Ridgemont High, and have always expected him at any moment during an interview to hit himself in the head with his own shoe and say “That was my skull! I am so wasted!


And now it seems that he is on the verge of being traded to my beloved Cardinals.

Will I still be able to make fun and laugh at his expense if he is on the team that I root for? Or will I take the higher ground and appreciate him for the ballplayer that he is, regardless of his Fast Times persona? I suppose that will depend on whether he plays at his 2007 caliber or relives a below average 2008 season.

Who am I kidding? No it won’t – I will still make fun! That’s just how I am!

At least he will feel at home with fellow classic high school movie character, Ferris Bueller’s best friend Cameron (aka outfielder Ryan Ludwick).


So, even though the deal isn’t complete yet this morning, let me be the first to offer a sincere, “Aloha” to Mr. Khalil Spicoli. Welcome to Redbird Nation, dude.