Dirty Santa

It’s that time of year again; time for the annual office gift exchange! In our office we play what’s called Dirty Santa but you may know it as Yankee Swap or White Elephant. We have a $20 spending limit, and I struggle with what to buy for it WAY more than I should. Last year I decided at the last minute to not participate and keep the gift I had bought (a nice corkscrew set & a bottle of wine) instead. But this year I am determined to play the game no matter how much I hate it.

Unfortunately it is the last unpurchased item on my Christmas shopping list because I am still racking my brain for the perfect thing that more than one person would like and that wouldn’t make me look like a total dork. Any ideas? Here is what I’ve come up with so far;


Noise-Cancelling Earbuds. ($19.95) Plug them into your iPod or computer headphone jack and completely ignore the ringing phone, your coworkers’ constant coughing and nose-blowing, and your boss’ voice. Trust me, they’re indispensible.


USB Single-Can Mini Fridge. ($19.99) Keep it on your desk as an “In Case of Emergency” item. I won’t tell HR what kind of can you keep in there though. I promise.


Lookin’ Good For Jesus Gift Set. ($19.95) Lip Balm, Body Cream and more so that you can “look good for HIM” and “redeem your reputation”. Because religious humor is always so well received! (he said with sarcastic undertones.)


Extreme Office Crafts: Creative & Devious Ways to Waste Office Supplies & Company Time. ($9.95) Because “Office Kama Sutra” seemed wildly inappropriate. And since it’s only about half of the spending limit, you could supplement it with a gift basket of office supplies, stolen from the supply cabinet of course.


The gift of the Undead. Pair a DVD copy of Shaun of the Dead ($8.99) or some other classic/campy zombie movie with a Plush Dismember-Me Zombie ($12.99) and you’ve got yourself a gift that I have nothing witty to say about. Basically because I would totally enjoy receiving it myself!