Yet Another Music Meme

Thanks to ART for this one. Here are the rules;

Put your music library on shuffle.

Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that come up.

Readers guess which songs the first lines are from.

“Googling” is cheating!

I went ahead and included those songs with the title in the first line. It would’ve eliminated some good stuff, and I’m not sure it even helps sometimes; except in the case of #25. I did however skip an instrumental or two.

  1. Steve McQueen Steve McQueen; when I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be…
  2. Sweeter than honey can be to your tongue tongue
  3. Up in the morning and out to school, teacher is teaching the golden rule
  4. Long distance information give me Memphis Tennessee
  5. Just walking in the rain, getting soaking wet
  6. How come I end up where I started?
  7. Grandma’s hands clapped in church on Sunday mornings
  8. Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight
  9. You sing a song while sitting at a red light
  10. A key in the door, a step on the floor, a note on the table, and a meal in the micro
  11. When I was a child my family would travel down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born
  12. Don’t ask her how she knows, but she knows It’s gonna be great
  13. Mothers hands were lined with dirt from long days in the field
  14. Trouble going round, trouble going down
  15. First I rise, then I fall
  16. Oh I’m on my way, I know I am, somewhere not so far from here
  17. There’s a story in our town of the prettiest girl around
  18. I see your money on the floor, I felt the pocket change
  19. You wait, wanting this world to let you in
  20. She walked by the ocean and waited for a star to carry her away
  21. Last night I said to her I didn’t want to live inside a lie
  22. If you want to make the weather, then you have to take the blame
  23. Only a tramp was Lazarus sad fate, he who lay down at the rich man’s gate
  24. We are the roses in the garden, beauty with thorns among our leaves
  25. Little ditty about Jack & Diane…

Monday Miscellany

Weekend Update

Not that you care, but my Office Holiday Party on Saturday went well. The food was good, the company at my table was excellent, and we left with 3 prizes and $40 in gift cards. Plus the weather wasn’t bad and it didn’t last too long. Unfortunately nobody got so drunk as to embarrass themselves. (Darn!)

After church & lunch on Sunday, we changed into our sweats and spent the rest of the day, literally, wrapping presents and cleaning. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Oh it was! …I am thankful that it’s done though.

I am still debating on the previously mentioned, and as of yet unpurchased, Dirty Santa gift. And now I’ve waited too long to order anything since our gift exchange is this Wednesday! Yep, day after tomorrow. I have excellent timing. So I guess I will be hitting Best Buy after work if the weather’s not too bad, and praying for inspiration.

(¯”•.¸(¯”•.¸ MM ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)

Favorite Christmas Movie Moment, Part 3

Everyone loves A Christmas Story, right? It’s a holiday classic no matter how hard TBS tries to run it in the ground with their annual 24-hour showing on Christmas Eve/Day. (Drives me nuts! How can you watch a show for a solid 24 hours and always seem to catch the same two scenes over & over? Grrr…) Here is one of my favorite scenes though; the desecration of a major award, causing the old man to fly off the handle and utter a line that I frequently quote throughout the year, “NOTAFINGAH!”

(¯”•.¸(¯”•.¸ MM ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)

A Monkey Sneezing

(randomness makes me happy)