The House of Seven Trees

Every year, we kick off the holidays by putting up seven different Christmas Trees. Basically, one for each room of the house. The newest one pictured is the St. Louis Cardinals tree in my room. It is lacking ornaments right now, but I figure like everything else, they will accumulate as time goes on. The Room With No Purpose tree, which we call the “Gold Tree” is where we hang a new Angel Ornament each year since we’ve been married. So including this year’s, there are 10 Angels with dates written on them here. The Living Room is our main Family tree and the only one of the seven that’s real. The kitchen & bathroom trees are both small table-top trees, but the wife put so much effort into decorating them, they count! The Dining Room tree stands amidst all of our wrapped presents and Nutcrackers. It’s decorated with Rankin/Bass Rudolph characters & dried fruits. The Bedroom tree is where we hang all of the old crocheted ornaments that my Mother-in-Law made years ago.

3 thoughts on “The House of Seven Trees

  1. Coming from a household of teachers, I would guess that Leah was a teacher if I did not know her. They are creative, festive and love Christmas. Your trees are beautiful!!

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