Top Five for 2008

as-seen-on-tvIt’s that time of year again, when we are inundated with lists and countdowns of the best or worst of the previous year. So once again we here at Adventures in Dullness are counting down the TOP 5 PRODUCTS BILLY MAYS YELLED AT US ABOUT IN 2008!

Here we go…

5. Awesome Auger, Take the hard work out of yard work. Supposedly the World’s most powerful yard tool, it’s an auger that attaches to a drill. There is simply no other single word to describe such a revolutionary product besides “Awesome”!


4. Simoniz Fix-It Scratch Remover, The scratch has met its match! From the makers of Simoniz comes a marker that can fix the scratches on your car… LIKE MAGIC! Something tells me that this ad is writing checks that the product can’t cash.


3. iCan Benefit Group, LLC., This is the one that caught me the most off-guard. Billy Mays, selling health insurance. A truly surreal television moment.


2. Big City Slider Station, It’s the mini-burger sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Yup. Sweeping the nation Since 1921. Gotta be some copyright infringement there somewhere.


And the Number 1 thing Billy Mays yelled at us about this year…

1. Mighty Mendit, The fast and easy way to mend, hem, And wear it again! Did you have any idea that you could actually adhere fabric to itself… with GLUE? Me either.