Friday Five – Graphic Novels

Here’s a bizarre Friday Five topic with which to kick off the new year. We went to see the new movie adaptation of Will Eisner’s comic book The Spirit last week. It’s a genre of movie that I tend to like, especially when they’re based on really good books and stories.


Sin City – Flying Burrito Brothers: Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novel series is one of my favorites, and I was equally impressed by the movie. Miller is a master at weaving multiple plot-lines together into one cohesive story when you least expect it. He is also responsible for 300 and creating much darker themes and story-lines for both Daredevil & Batman. Speaking of which…

Dark Night – the Blasters: First of all, the movie The Dark Knight was NOT based on the acclaimed Frank Miller graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, (unfortunately). It is a brilliant book that not only started a darker, more adult themed comic book revolution, but also heavily influenced Tim Burton’s Batman.

Gentleman – The Afghan Whigs: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is not my favorite Alan Moore book or movie, but it was the easiest to find a song for. Both V for Vendetta and From Hell were better movies and Watchmen is one of my all-time favorite graphic novels. I am also looking forward to its film adaptation later this year, the trailer for which is linked to from the picture above if you’re interested.

Spirits in the Material World – The Police: Will Eisner’s the Spirit is a campy, funny, noir comic that often pokes fun at its own genre and medium. But it is often celebrated as introducing us to the first middle-class hero. He is often rumpled and disheveled, get’s beat up a lot, and is constantly womanizing.

Ghost in This House – Allison Krauss: Daniel Clowes’ cult-classic comic series Ghost World was adapted to the screen in 2001. Both were praised for their realistic, slice-of-life examinations of two recent high school graduates trying to adapt to adulthood. It’s cynical, funny, and heart-breaking. I know it’s a departure from the rest of the list, not being action, mystery, or about super heroes; but I highly recommend it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Graphic Novels

  1. i’m feeling that The Spirit is kind of the last Miller straw for me. feels like he’s just a grumpy adolescent stuck in that stage and that i’ve grown, but he has only in that he’s making movies now (whereas others were merely screwing with his works – namely the Burton Batmans and the Daredevil fiasco).

  2. The Spirit was OK. It was cheesy & campy, but fairly well made – and I think that was the intention anyway. The books were the same way. Eisner never got very deep like Miller can. My wife was happy that the story was easier to follow than Sin City. Personally I prefer Miller’s own books over any of the movies.

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