I’m Sexy & I Didn’t Even Know It

MSN Careers published an article today that lists the Top 10 Surprisingly Sexy Careers, and believe it or not somehow I made the list!


On the rundown of not-so-obvious sexy jobs, IT Worker landed at number 5. But why? Just because my wife has a weakness for geeks, doesn’t mean all women do. And I am certainly not wearing a garter-belt under my uniform or breathing through my eyelids. According to the author the answer is two-fold. First of all, there’s the power. Whether you’re a CEO or a Mail Clerk, if your email won’t open, you call me. Period. I can find files you deleted and see how long you spent on eBay today. Power is pretty sexy I guess. Then there is the fact that IT typically has the most lax dress code in the office. I’m not sure how that’s sexy. Enviable maybe, but sexy?

6 thoughts on “I’m Sexy & I Didn’t Even Know It

  1. Well hot dang! Your wife is so lucky!

    I sell dairy equipment…is that on the sexy list? Oh wait, I also answer the phones, do the books, greet the farmers, and tell the service guys where to go (hehe). I have the POWER!

  2. I don’t get that list at all (And no it’s not because “imaging business manager” is not on it).

    I just don’t get it. Seems like one of those things someone threw together because they had to.

    On the other hand, if I were on that list I would trumpet that fact at least as loudly as you did… probably more loudly. Congrats you sexy thang ;)

  3. Putting that kind of information about yourself out there might be a bad idea. Not because fellow bloggers will be tempted by your sexiness… but because some of us are REAL techno duhs. And they might prevail upon the kindness of your heart when they accidentally do something REALLY stupid on their computer or delete something important.

    Not naming names or anything. Just some bloggers might.

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