6 thoughts on “Even Funnier en Español

  1. But I don’t understand: why doesn’t it suck all the water up in the washing machine when you wash it????

    and how does the teflon stick to the pan?

  2. PUH-lease don’t get me started on TV sales pitches. My son has been running to the mailbox for weeks waiting on Bendaroos… Benda what? Bendaroos. I would love the benda-them around someone’s SLOW TO MAIL ME MY BENDAROOS neck. That poor kids is disappointed everyday when he gets off the bus.

    We won’t be ordering anything else off of the TV.

    Although, those coat hanger thingys look REAL helpful. And the Snuggy is awfully tempting too.

  3. Oh my gosh! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Now I’m going to have to search for SlapChop Espanol version!!!!! Oh, and thanks for the Wiki link. I’ve learned more about Vince than I cared to know! LOL!

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