Friday Five – Baby It’s Cold Outside

No explanation required for today’s topic – especially if you live in the Midwest like me.


Cold Roses – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Cold Gin – Kiss (Ace rocks his guitar hard enough to make it smoke! That’s some serious rockin’!)

Cold December – Matt Costa

Cold Cold Heart – Hank Williams

Colder Than You – the Waltons (am I the only guy around here that remembers the Waltons?)

5 thoughts on “Friday Five – Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Merle Haggard / Leona Williams
    “It’s Cold In California”

    Little Jimmie Dickens
    “Cold Feet”

    Little Jimmie Dickens presents the Country Boys
    “Cold Chicago Winds”

    Ernest Tubb / Loretta Lynn
    “Two In The Cold”

    Ray Price
    “Ice Cold Heart”

    Tammy Wynette
    “Cold Lonely Feeling”

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