What a week!

Monday, usually the lowest point of the work-week, is such a distant memory I can barely remember it. I do recall getting extremely tired of listening to coworkers complain and fret about a forecasted winter storm supposedly heading our way. It’s not in my nature to worry about things out of my control like that. And let’s face it, nine times out of ten, when we hear those forecasts, they never actually happen.

Then came Tuesday.

The ice on the roadways caused me to be a half-hour late to work. And it just kept falling from the sky.  So much that I finally canceled my appointments for that afternoon & went home. It kept coming down. My boss called on Wednesday morning to tell me, if I did decide to go into work, that they were officially pushing opening time back 2 hours because of road conditions. But also that he wasn’t going in and suggested that I stay home too because of how far we both live from the plant.  So I did.

The highlight of my snow-day was when our satellite TV lost its signal due to being covered with frozen precipitation. I could see the stir-crazy look in the Wife’s eyes as she came to the realization that she may have to go a whole day with no Food Network or Lifetime movies. So I took swift action! (Hero-type that I so obviously am.) Standing on the patio in sweatpants, t-shirt and snow boots, I took aim at the dish, high on the side of the house, with a super-soaker water gun filled with hot water & table salt. It was a sight to behold. And much to my own surprise as much as anybody’s, we had TV within 30 minutes. Oh yeah – I rock!

I came into work today. And even though the precipitation officially stopped falling over 24 hours ago, the temperature has remained frigid and the roads are still darn-near impassable. Even the highways are little more than two spotty tire-width ruts. I slipped & slid all the way here. But at least I’m here (I guess). I suppose I should just be thankful that; 1) I don’t work at the plant a few buildings down from us whose entire roof caved in under the weight of the ice and snow a few nights ago, or 2) that we don’t live a few miles south of here where they haven’t had power for at least 48 hours and the gas stations have systematically run out of gas to run generators, let alone vehicles!


And as a cruel paradox – it’s beautiful!

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