Proof that Change is Possible

Not only are we going to the Grand Old Opry this weekend, but it’s by our own choice, and we are fairly excited about it!

Growing up I would never have dreamed it was possible that I, “Mr. I Hate Country Music“, would be buying tickets to the Opry. But last night the wife was telling me that some friends of ours were going because they got some super- discounted rates through a local country radio station. But when they logged on to see who would be performing they were fairly disappointed because they didn’t recognize many of the names with the exception of Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs. Then she made the comment that one of the artists listed was Jack Black…

“HOLD THE PHONE! Did you say Jack Black? Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs AND Jack Black? It’s not Charlie Haden Family & Friends, is it?”

Her eyes widened as she looked at me like I had lost my ever-lovin’ mind, a look that I am all too familiar with. Then she said, “I… I… I don’t know.

So I logged on to the dubya-dubya-dubya, looked it up, and by the way, YES IT IS! Plus the Infamous Stringdusters & Del McCoury. So as of 9:00 this morning, we’re going too. Ticket are purchased, reservations confirmed, and plans are being made. I am actually excited about going to the Opry. What a bizarre turn of events! (I really hope his triplets are there too.)


If you didn’t check out Ramblin’ Boy when I blogged about it a while back, I encourage you to do so!

One thought on “Proof that Change is Possible

  1. Hope you have a good time. My parents went to the Opry on Saturday, with the tickets we got them for Christmas and they loved it. Never been myself though we have been to the Opry House and the Ryman a few times.

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