An Easter Miracle

We have all seen the miraculous sightings on television or the interweb, some would say coincidences, of religious figures in everyday items, like Jesus in a pancake:


Or the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich:


Or even the infamous “Nun Bun”:


But now the phenomenon has presented itself to me, one of the biggest skeptics of such things. Perhaps for no other reason than to convince me of their existence. On the North wall inside the sanctuary of my church, right in front of where I normally sit, the old plaster wall is starting to crack. The cracking has caused the paint to chip and fall off in chunks. We didn’t think too much about it, until finally during morning service two Sundays ago, we noticed this…


That’s right! During the Lenten season, just before Easter, God gave us… a Chocolate Bunny!


It’s my own personal Easter Miracle! (Now if only it were made of solid Dove dark chocolate…)

Better start your pilgrimage now people!



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