Nine Is Enough

A challenge issued by Soul Pancake, which I heard of through a tweet from Rainn Wilson (no laughing!):

Write a five-item list of things you’d actually be willing to chop off your pinkie-toe for.

Sure there are lots of things I want, probably many of the same things everyone else wants; like for every meal to include some form of bacon, for baseball season to last twelve months a year, or for someone to invent a car that burns stupid people for fuel. But what sorts of things would I be willing to send my littlest digit crying “wee-wee-wee” all the way home for?

  1. The assurance that my wife & daughter would forever be happy
  2. The end of the world’s reliance on energy sources that aren’t naturally renewable
  3. A cure for cancer
  4. World Peace
  5. An UNDO button for real life situations


Come on people – join in & share your lists!

2 thoughts on “Nine Is Enough

  1. I wrote this yesterday, and now that I read it a day later I realize I must really value my little toe! Those are some pretty steep prices for a minor digit. Maybe I should’ve said, “the ability to regrow toes” or “the inability to feel pain when lopping off appendages”…

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