The Killer B’s

On Wednesday the great Memphis Barbeque Tour continues! For those who don’t know, the wife and I take an annual trip to Memphis during her Spring Break to enjoy all of the big B’s: Barbeque (Memphis is the home of the best BBQ in the world), Baseball (Cardinals AAA affiliate Memphis Redbirds), Beale Street & the Blues. I occasionally also partake of a beer or two, and sometimes, if the weather is nice enough, we even visit the Botanical Gardens.


I always look forward to our Spring Break trips; not really a full-fledged vacation, but better than a weekend getaway. I love the way Memphis seems to revolve around music. The sign on the way into town says, “Home of the Blues – Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll“. And it’s true; there is always music in the air everywhere you go. Plus we are self-proclaimed BBQ Snobs. We always try to hit one of our favorites, usually the Rendezvous, and at least two places we haven’t tried yet. Here’s where we’ve been so far in no particular order (at least the ones we can remember);

And we’ve loved them all. Some were better than others. Some were in fairly scary locations. But we’ve never had bad, or even mediocre barbeque anywhere in Memphis. Among the ones that we haven’t tried yet are Marlowe’s, Tom’s, Leonard’s Downtown, Pig -N- Whistle, A & R, and Tops. So if anyone has any recommendations, we are always open to suggestion.

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