And We Danced

This past Christmas, I bought my brother a melodica with the stipulation that he learn to play the opening to this song…

This video was the first time I had ever laid eyes on a melodica. And I didn’t know what it was called until just a few years ago when I watched a Jack Johnson concert DVD and he had one in his band. Once I saw that & remembered the Hooters, I knew someone with some musical talent in my family had to have one. It was between my brother & my daughter. Will got the nod since I had recently bought the kid a set of bongos. See, I love music, but have no talent for it. So I live vicariously through my family members who do by buying them instruments & stuff. It’s just how I roll.

I’m still waiting on that song, bro!

2 thoughts on “And We Danced

  1. You need to buy a mandolin (?) for your daughter – the two sound good together.

    And musicians need people to appreciate their music. If you are buying instruments for gifts? That is very cool.

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