Friday Five – Oh Baby Baby


Okay – How about Friday Ten?

  1. Rock Me Baby – Etta James
  2. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Bob Dylan
  3. Oh Baby Doll – Chuck Berry
  4. Baby, What You Want Me To Do – Elvis Presley
  5. When Something is Wrong with My Baby – Sam & Dave
  6. Be Bop Baby – Ricky Nelson
  7. Baby Please Don’t Go – Muddy Waters
  8. Baby Face – Little Richard
  9. I’m Here to Get My Baby out of Jail – Johnny Cash
  10. One for my Baby (and one more for the road) – Billie Holiday

And as Spinal Tap taught us, this one goes to Eleven:

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Oh Baby Baby

  1. 1) “Baby Ima wantchoo… baby Ima needjoo…”

    Ha! I have no idea who sings that song but it popped into my head (along with the smell of the old green car that my parents had when I was a kid).

    2) Baby’s got her blue jeans on – Don Williams?

    3) Baby come back (made popular by the Swiffer mop commercial)

    4) “Is you is or is you aint my baby?”

    5) Cry Baby – Janis Joplin

    6) Babe – Styxx

    7) There Goes My Baby

    8) Rock a bye baby – my mom

    9) Baby what a big surprise – Chicago


    10) Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

    And I even though Spinal Tap took it one notch higher, I can’t :)

  2. Well done Jen!

    I believe that Baby I’ma Want You was by Bread. Could be wrong though.

    I love the selection by your mom – that’s classic!

    And, just as our generation associates the Barber of Seville with Bugs Bunny, I associate Is you is or is you ain’t my baby? with Tom & Jerry… bizarre, huh?

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