Friday Five – Mother


Mother – Danzig

Mother – The Police

Mother – Tori Amos

Mother – John Lennon

Mother – Pink Floyd

(When you start out with Danzig, it’s all downhill from there, AM I RIGHT?!?)


3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Mother

  1. Not at our house – we were without power for like 27 hours. But the place where I work had some. We just got power back on Tuesday around 12:30pm, but one of those huge AC units on the roof blew over & made about a 6′ gash in the roof.

    It’s scary how much damage there was around here – seems like everyone has a horror story. I feel truly blessed that I didn’t have more.

  2. Reading comments…. glad you and yours are fine. Last night at the ball field I carried a metal bat to the car during a lightening storm. ACK!

    And I ‘pity the fool’ that doesn’t treat his momma right :)

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