New Slang Terms

based on recent headlines:

  1. A secret adulterous love affair will forever be known as “hiking the Appalachian Trail”.
  2. Being surprised by someone’s talent is being “Boyled Over”.
  3. Going back to Neverland Ranch” will be when someone famous dies causing the media to blow every minute detail of their life & death out of proportion for an undetermined amount of time.
  4. Yelling derogatory slurs at people in an effort to offend, while actually just degrading yourself, is “Pulling a Perez”.

Anybody have any more?

3 thoughts on “New Slang Terms

  1. To alert your Wal-Mart shopping companion to a choice people-watching treat, whether it be clothing, lack of clothing, etc., “Three Wolf Moon at your 2 o’clock”

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