Positive Day

Let me begin by saying that I had a much better, much longer post drafted for today. But since I’m sitting in a hotel room on my way to our first real vacation in a few years, and the post in question is on a computer hard drive back at work, this will have to suffice.

That being said, it also reminds me of just how much I have to be thankful for.

Today is Positive Day in the Blogosphere. It is also Systems Administrator Appreciation Day. But most importantly to me, today is my eleventh wedding anniversary. And I can honestly say that I am still schoolboy smitten with my beautiful wife. I love her more today than I did the day we were married. As corny as it sounds, I married my best friend.

I am truly blessed!


6 thoughts on “Positive Day

  1. Aw, EXCELLENT! I am so glad that today fell on your anniversary. Happy 11th Anniversary to you both. It doesn’t sound corny that you are smitten with your wife – it sounds like a blessing.

    And Happy Systems Administrator Appreciation Day. I hope that you do indeed feel appreciated today :)

    Thanks for participating! Have a wonderful time on vacation (don’t forget sunscreen… or bugspray? Not sure where you are. Just stay safe!).

  2. I’m here from Jen’s linky.

    I didn’t think that was corny at all. Of course, I’m silly in love with my Lady, so I’m probably biased in favor of the same sentiment!

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Positive Day!

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