Change is Good

For whatever reason, this past month has been a season of change for me. None are earth shattering by any means, but they all happened at once. And sometimes the little things add up.

First of all, we got new cell phones. I know it seems silly, but we were the couple that would go into the Verizon store and ask specifically for the cheapest family plan available and whatever phones that were free. Period. This time was different though. We both ended up with LG enV3’s, mostly for the full keypads to make texting easier. That’s right, we’re entering the world of texting too. I still think people text too much and that it’s rude to do it in the wrong circumstances, like at the dinner table (clears throat & looks sideways at daughter). But there are benefits too, and we can both see that now.

george-costanza-walletThen I got a new wallet. I switched from the traditional folding leather, back pocket wallet to a sleek, modern looking, metal, and slightly nerdy front-pocket wallet. My first intention was to find something that would protect cards from bending, cracking and deactivating. Plus there’s the added benefit of not falling into the George Costanza wallet trap. (You Seinfeld fans know what I’m referring to.) So far I really like everything about it except for one glaring flaw; it organizes cards perfectly and keeps them clean & straight, the only thing that doesn’t fit correctly – is cash. Paper bills have to be folded twice in order for the thing to close. So when I go to pay for something small, like a cup of coffee, I end up fumbling around with it and unfolding and sorting bills with one hand… It’s not pretty. So I will either get used to it, or eventually I will try something else. But for now, I’m finally sitting straight.

Maybe the biggest change lately has happened at work. Before we left on vacation, I spent a day cleaning out my office. It actually sparked a rumor that I had quit or had been fired because I cleared everything out. Everything. The purpose being that while I was gone, maintenance came in and replaced my old ugly metal desks (I had two; one in front & one behind) and replaced them with nice cubicle pieces in a long L-shape. With my computer in the corner and the slightly higher desktop the whole workstation is much more ergonomically sound. Everything that I need is within arm’s reach. My arms are supported at the proper angle. Not to mention that with everything being organized it’s easier for me to focus and stay motivated. It’s kind of odd how such a seemingly simple change can make such a huge impact.

Last month, our church was blessed with a new pastor. Some people have reservations about losing a preacher and breaking-in a new one, but we’re United Methodist. Change is just part of life. And so far this change has been a breath of fresh air. He is absolutely wonderful from the pulpit with intelligent, witty, but heartfelt and thought-provoking messages. And he seems to have tons of great ideas for our church, many of which have so far paralleled a lot of the ideas I had for it too. As the weeks go by I get more and more excited and happy about being in ministry with this guy for what will hopefully be a long time.


And last but not least, the Wife is back to work. Summer vacation is over and the normal routines of the rest of the year can start again. The last week before and the first week after are always stressful, busy and long but it’s nice to know that we can get back into the swing of things soon.

As the comedian Gallagher once said, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”

4 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. But quite a bit more expensive.

    My other reservation is that I’m kind of hard on phones (I’m a bit of a klutz) & getting anything that has a touch screen just seems like a waste of money since I will just end up breaking it in the end.

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