Searching for the ArachNerd

The following are all search terms that ultimately led searchers to my blog this month:

“funny comic strips with children”

Might as well start with the best!


“how to use a homesmart samurai shark”

If you don’t know by now, I certainly can’t tell you!


“proper way to butcher ostrich”

I know a lot of things. This is not one of them. (Thank goodness.)


“paul rudd in sunglasses”

Uh, sure! Why not.


How’s that?

“rhetorical questions about bugs bunny”

Which I’m sure have something to do with why he, along with many of his other Looney Tunes pals were always dressing in drag.


“the beatles blow”

Well now that’s just rude. My brother will not be happy with you at all!


“dullness in the church today”

It’s a valid topic. Not one that I’ve ever addressed, but something that may need to be looked at in the future.


“gothic pin up models”

Oh dear. Sorry freaks, but the closest thing I have to that is my Cinnamon Altoids tin that I keep loose change in. For some reason I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for though.


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