SkyWatch Friday Five

Special Halloween Eve Edition!

Follow the link to see more skies from around the world!


The skies were almost orange that morning – but I LOVE those clouds. I tried to take some pictures of a full moon, which seemed more appropriate for this weekend, but they just didn’t turn out. Going to have to play with the settings & figure out how to get a good one.

And how about the Friday Five portion of this post? It’s not as fun as last year’s – but it’s still pretty good!

  1. Halloween Head – Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
  2. Dr. Bones – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
  3. The Invisible Man – Queen
  4. Speak of the Devil – Chris Isaak
  5. I’m Your Boogie Man – KC & the Sunshine Band

Oogie_BoogieAnd one more thing…  leave that no-account Oogie-Boogie out of this!

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